Viewing Documents
Second Image National allows you to view and distribute documents online, eliminating the need for unnecessary paper and streamlining the way you view records.

Online Record Viewing
  • View, download, and electronically distribute records 24/7/365 from any internet location.
  • Medical records and EMRs are indexed by admission date and sub-categorized by record type, eliminating the inefficiency of viewing records in random order.
  • Chronological dating and organization of records allows for fast, easy, and accurate reviewing of medical records.
  • User-customized PDFs are hosted on our website for easy viewing, downloading, and electronic distribution.
  • Indexed and non-indexed copies of medical records are standard with every order.
Online Radiology Film Viewing
  • Through the viewer's compressed files and interactive web interface, attorneys and adjusters can navigate our system for more efficient viewing.
  • siOnline Film Viewer provides advanced capabilities such as magnification, windows leveling, vertical/horizontal rotation, etc.
  • Radiology films can be provided in hard copy, siOnline Viewer, and DICOM-compliant CD formats.
Electronic Distribution of Records and Radiology Films
  • Instantly and securely distribute a copy of your medical records to any third party such as Defense Counsel, Expert Witness, or Co-Counsel.
  • Create and electronically distribute your custom PDFs.
  • Include attachments such as cover letters, transmittals, or other documents.
  • Distribution parties are notified by email and given secure access only to the records you wish them to receive.

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