Second Image Advantage
Second Image National allows for easy, user-friendly navigation through records with precise indexed categories, a clear table of contents, and the power to customize your records.

Spend more time focusing on what is important and less time collecting, searching, preparing, and retyping records for summarization. All Second Image National documents can be viewed and downloaded from the website in PDF format and are available 24/7/365 for ordering, checking status, and viewing purposes.
Committed Team of Experts
  • Dedicated account executive and customer service representative for each client.
  • In-house legal teams of attorneys and paralegals.
  • Internal IT teams of analysts and developers.
Powerful Customized PDFs
  • Easily create custom PDFs from multiple record providers by comingling documents on a single record subject. You can select, group, sort, and filter your scope of records based on record provider, index category, and/or record dates.
Detailed Indexing
  • Medical records are organized by admission date and subcategorized by record type.
Simple Viewing of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Index category values are assigned to each category for ease of review.
  • Maintain the original sequence of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for continuity purposes.
Efficient Chronological Arrangement
  • Medical records can be electronically dated, allowing for complete chronological arrangement by treatment date.
Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • OCR enables fast, easy searches for words, text, or phrases within volumes of records and documents, regardless of size or scope.
  • Easily select, copy, and paste text to reduce unnecessary typing.
Seamless Compatibility with Adobe, Nuance, and Other PDF Readers
  • Highlight, cross out, and underline text throughout the document.
  • Make detailed notes on the actual documents to facilitate a more efficient review of records.

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