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Cost-Savings Program
Second Image National's insurance and corporate programs help control costs without compromising the performance of your claims and legal professionals. We help streamline litigation expenses by
  • offering competitive volume pricing and
  • providing custom managerial and security reports.
Data Security
Second Image National takes data security seriously and has implemented multiple physical, administrative and technological safeguards required by HIPAA and HITECH Act including:
  • SSAE 16 Security Audit
  • Quarterly Security Reports
  • Disaster Recovery Systems
Advanced Technologies
Our superior document management features save time and money by streamlining your claims process:
  • Effortless summarization tools to aid in faster document review times including detailed indexing with chronological organization and OCR technology.
  • siCustomizer allows you to filter, reorganize, and commingle all your records to focus on critical information by creating a custom PDF.
  • Easy distribution of records and radiology films through our secured website to any third party.
  • Web hosting of all documents through our secure repository.

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