Second Image National has undergone an extensive audit of its internal structure and compliance with the strict requirements of HIPAA and the HITECH Act in a comprehensive Service Organizational Controls Report (SOC) 1: Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE-16) Type 2 Report. The report established the reasonable assurances of Second Image National's compliance as a business associate under HIPAA 45 CFR 164.504. The report was conducted by a PCAOB Certified Public Accounting Firm who made an independent evaluation of Second Image National's documented policies and procedures relating to administrative, physical and technical safeguards required by HIPAA's security standards. Below are some of the key security steps taken to ensure your records and information is secure:

Physical Security at Our Offices
  • Strict physical clearances required to access all facilities.
  • Security system logs date and time of all personnel entering restricted areas.
  • Buildings monitored by surveillance and security systems.
Network Security
  • Every access point protected by a secure firewall.
  • Data traveling through all access ports inspected and blocked.
  • Session-level security and privacy measures with high level of encryption.
  • Network scanned frequently to identify potential threats.
Multiple Tiered Security Access Levels
  • Segmented user access based on role and department.
  • Continuous monitoring of employee system use and access by unit supervisors and managers.
Data Security
  • Records scanned on site with secured equipment.
  • Social security numbers masked to protect privacy.
  • Records encrypted and digitally signed to prevent alterations or modifications.
  • All records and sensitive information transmitted over secured and encrypted channels.
  • Records replicated continuously to our offsite SSAE-16 compliant data center for redundant access if necessary.

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